ArtScience Collab

In the research gardens of the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, we run the interdisciplinary platform 'ArtScience Collab' to advocate sustainability, ecology and transdisciplinarity. In the former chicken shed on the Grüental campus we have established a public, interdisciplinary space where workshops, talks, exhibitions, short residencies and peer-to-peer sessions can take place. It is a place for knowledge exchange, knowledge production, social exchange and extracurricular learning, where topics such as sustainability, climate change, collaboration, ecology and social responsibility are communicated, discussed and negotiated.

Collaborations between art and environmental sciences have a long tradition. Inter- and transdisciplinary projects between these disciplines have recently gained a new urgency due to climate change, the energy transition and scarcity of resources.

ArtScience Collab is a project of the Sustainability Communication and Environmental Education Research Group ZHAW and the Research and Teaching Gardens IUNR ZHAW in Wädenswil, Switzerland. In collaboration with: Dr- Petra Bättig-Frey, Rahel Meier, Regula Treichler and invited guests.

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