Uncertain Identities - connecting London and Altdorf and the large spaces in-between

30 September 2017

Symposium organised by Damian Christinger (curator and writer) and Monica Ursina Jäger (artist)

In the context of the exhibition, artists and curators discuss the multifaceted relationships between Altdorf and London in presentations, screenings and lecture performances, and together with the audience explore questions of identity, migration, globalization, the familiar and the foreign.

Contributors: Nicole Bachmann (artist), Damian Christinger (curator and writer) Brigitte Dätwyler (artist), Monica Ursina Jäger (artist), Daniel Kurjakovic (curator programme Kunstmuseum Basel), Felicity Lunn (Director Kunsthaus Pasquart Biel) Emily Rosemond (artist) Robert Isaac Steinberger (artist) Sarah Zürcher (art historian and curator)

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